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SFRRC Coaching Staff

It's a privilege and honor to serve you as coaches. These days / workouts bring us life and joy too.
Dream BIG. Then, just get out the door. You have already won.


Lisa is one of the founding members of the San Francisco Road Runners Club. A track and distance runner since her teens, she's run more than 20 marathons, numerous triathlons and trail runs, and is now contemplating running an ultra or two.  Her nearly twenty years of coaching experience includes time as a coach for the former SF Galloway group and track coach with the SFRRC, in addition to coaching individual distance and track runners. She believes that running is transformative- it changes the way people view their lives, bodies, and health- and that a good coach is not just someone who designs great training plans and workouts, but more importantly is there to inspire and motivate to bring out the best in an individual. And as always, consistency in training is more important than perfection. *RRCA level 1/USATF level 1, and VDOT O2 (Jack Daniels) Certified Coach



John was first introduced to running by joining his mom and dad at weekend fun runs, that seemed to be everywhere, growing up. He didn't necessarily like distance running at first, but at some point the joys of running became real and fell in love with it. John ran competitively in his youth, and thanks to his brother's nudges, has since run 17 marathons. As a student of Olympic distance running coach and exercise physiologist Dr. Jack Daniels, John encourages runners to simply get out the door and run (easy & often). It's the best way to become a better/faster runner. Plus, you'll be less prone to injury, less tired, and you'll likely enjoy the adventure of running even a little more. Explore and have fun! Then, come work on speed with us. *VDOT O2 (Jack Daniels) Certified distance running coach 

 John leads our Tuesday evening workouts at Kezar Stadium



Danielle joined SFFRC in 2012 after running her first marathon, “I felt so welcomed by everyone in the club from day one, and have built some amazing friendships over the years.” Danielle enjoys the process just as much as the actual race; she has completed 10 marathons, including the 2014 and 2016 Boston Marathons, and the 2016 Berlin Marathon. She knows how important it is to have support during those “special miles” and has helped pace runners in several events. Danielle enjoys the upbeat community that congregates at Kezar Stadium on Tuesday nights, and helps out Coach John with the club track workouts. *RRCA Level 1 & VDOT O2 (Jack Daniels) Certified

Danielle helps lead our Tuesday evening workouts at Kezar Stadium



Jon is a native of San Francisco and still finds new things to love about his hometown.  He joined SFRRC in 2014 after deciding to focus on running after a few years doing triathlon.  His longest race was a 50 miler (plus some bonus miles while getting lost).  While he prefers to spend his times on the trails, Jon appreciates running on the road as well.  His favorite distance is the marathon though he is looking into diving deeper in the ultra world. Jon aspires to complete a marathon in every state. *RRCA Level 1 & VDOT O2 (Jack Daniels) Certified

Jon helps lead our Tuesday evening workouts at Kezar Stadium



Katy co-coaches SFRRC's beginning running program "Running 101", which focuses foundations of running for new runners and those returning to the sport after taking time off.  "I love the people that I have met and how much FUN we have running!  As a coach of the 101 group, it's so rewarding to see people that may have never run a day in their life cross the finish line of the Bay to Breakers 12k. And who doesn't love a delicious brunch after a long run to Tiburon, or a Wednesday night beer after a neighborhood run?!"

Katie leads our "Running 101" at our Saturday Club Runs


Bill is a distance runner, focusing on the full marathon. But, he'll dabble in other distances, such as the half, an ultra now and then, and toss in a relay for fun. He joined the SFRRC in 2012. Since 2013 he's been the Pace Group Leader for the 7:30 group. And, in 2014 he became one of our coaches, coaching the trails on Sunday. *RRCA Certified coach

Bill leads our Sunday Trail Runs



Deb is a founding member of the SFRRC. “Our first kick-off in 2001 was like the ‘Field of Dreams: If you build it they will come'. There were no other clubs like the SFRRC at t
he time.” Inspired to start running in 1997, after watching a friend finish the San Francisco Marathon, Deb was looking for a running club for the recreational runner at a time when the existing clubs catered to more competitive (and younger) runners.  Now a veteran of more than fifteen marathons, Deb served as president and as a board member for many years.  After taking a break to pursue other sports such as open-water swimming and triathlons, she joined the SFRRC coaching staff and returned to the Board of Directors in 2010.  Deb says it’s important for all runners to understand the importance of safety while running. “Always carry ID and a water bottle, don’t wear headphones and remember that we share the road with bikes, cars, and pedestrians." It’s also important to wear your SFRRC shirt and hat at races so we know to cheer for you.

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