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SFRRC Club Ambassadors

Since their inaugural year in 2018, our Club Ambassadors have established themselves as gracious advocates of our sport and club through their running knowledge (of races, training, and more), good spirit, generosity of time, and leadership. They are here to guide, encourage, invite others to join us, and help spread the love of the San Francisco Road Runners in this wonderful city of ours. 

What our Ambassador team brings:
  • Comfort for new/perspective members or visiting runners that someone else is here to help. Every Saturday, our ambassadors keep an eye out for our guests and new/perspective members to help find them the right pace group and feel at home in our warm and welcoming community.
  • Presence at club events, local races and marathons, or runs around the world! Though EVERYONE, please consider wearing SFRRC clothing races and on your travels :)
  • Encouragement to others by offering a listening ear and sharing insights about our club and resources available to members to help meet their running goals.
  • A bit of fun and good will for others... And occasionally donuts after our Saturday Club Runs too!
Here are some of the activities our club Ambassadors have been leading:

Book Club
With Aude leading the effort, 2019 was our inaugural year for our "running" book club.  Once a quarter or so, we’ll have a different book to read. Our first book was “Endure: Mind, Body, and the Curiously Elastic Limits of Human Performance”.

Fun Run 
Thanks to our Ambassadors, starting in mid-2018, SFRRC began leading Presidio Sports Basement's Fun Run on Wednesdays at 6:30 pm in the Summer (June, July and August). If you're looking for a relaxed and fun mid-week run through the Presidio trails, occasionally Lyon Street stairs, or to Hopper's Hands, come join us. Sports Basement has refreshments and other food/snacks at the end.

Get Fit Fest
Starting in 2018, SFRRC has been supporting Sports Basement Presidio in leading the fun run portion of their annual Get Fit Fest event. The event encourages runners to stay motivated for the year and helps fill up their yearly race calendar through this annual discounted race registration event.

Movie Nights
We began our running movie nights in 2018 showing "Boston: The Documentary", "The Spirit of the Marathon", and "The Spirit of the Marathon II: Rome." Running movie nights return in 2020 thanks to our prior ambassador Alejandra.

…. And more to come. We hope you'll come run with us soon!


Prior to 2013, Diana was not a runner. But that all changed when she moved to Chicago, IL and wanted to better learn the city. Street by street she started to get a feel for each, unique neighborhood and slowly started racking up miles. Before too long, she was signing up for 5K races and within six months, she was running half marathons. In 2015, she ran her first marathon in Chicago and was instantly hooked. Since then, she's made the goal to run a marathon in every state. As of now, she's completed marathons in the following states: Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Montana, Georgia, Texas, California, Utah, Indiana, and Hawaii. Diana has been a member of SFRRC since January of 2018 and has loved that the club is welcoming, encouraging, and inclusive - it's what she says “makes the SFRRC community so special.”



Carlos joined SFRRC at the summer kickoff in 2018. He started running to lose some extra weight he gained in college and became hooked after completing his first half marathon in 2012. Now, he enjoys racing any distance from the 5K up to the marathon. His favorite place to run in San Francisco is Golden Gate park and on Saturday's you can typically find him at the club's group run. To Carlos running is a team sport, being part of the SFRRC community pushes him to become a better runner and more importantly, foster wonderful friendships.


A native of Vancouver, British Columbia, Alisa's love of running started at an early age when she was a sprinter in middle and high school. She didn't start distance racing until later and completed her first half marathon in 1998, shortly after moving to San Francisco. After completing her second half, she was diagnosed with stage 2 cancer and her running was put on hold while she underwent treatment. Recovery took some time and other activities took precedent, so it wasn't until 2014 when she picked it back up again and she hasn't stopped. Since then, she has completed 5 marathons, 31 additional half marathons, a host of other distance races, and is excited to train for the Berlin Marathon this year.  

When asked why she loves running, she will enthusiastically tell you that it makes her feel alive. As a soon to be 20 year survivor, running represents health, vitality and gratitude. She joined SFRRC a year and a half ago and loves the camaraderie, the training support and is inspired by the awesome coaches, pace group leaders and fellow runners.


David went from "couch to marathon" when his little brother challenged him to join in racing the 2018 SF Marathon. What he expected to be a bucket list experience evolved into a passion when he discovered the joy, clarity, and health that distance running brings. David joined SFRRC in January 2019 to find others who share the same senseless hobby, and loves the company on long runs and camaraderie at the track. Getting faster isn't the worst side effect, either.


Victor joined SFRRC three years ago at the encouragement of his wife. He’s a lifelong runner (since high school) and has raced distances up to 50K (so far). With a love for Bay Area trail running you can catch Victor running with the 8:00/milers or the 7:30/milers on Saturdays, Tuesday, and Sundays for trail running.   

Victor moonlights as a marketing strategist and product leader who’s passionate about online video. He currently is working on a startup venture that he hopes to get off the ground this year (which surprisingly has nothing to do with online video).     

A wine lover and movie junky, Victor lives near Buena Vista Park with his wife Nurya (who’s also a club member and fanatic runner). 


At 67, Dick Keenan is one of our "senior" Ambassadors. :) Dick ran his first marathon when he was 49, which he credits to having protected his knees for so long by working indoors as a lawyer. Dick ran with SFRRC from 2003 - 2007 and then took a break when he switched to triathlons. When asked why he came back to join us last year, Dick said: “The Club is awesome.  It’s an incredibly supportive group for runners of all abilities (and ages) and full of positive energy!” Dick grew up in Richmond, Virginia, but has made his home near the Presidio in The Richmond District of San Francisco since 1983.  Besides working as a trial lawyer, Dick was a wine grower and winery owner for almost 20 years. Dick now is a volunteer lawyer representing undocumented children with KIND. When not having fun running with the SFRRC, Dick sails on the Bay and also swims at the “Mighty South End”. He also is a proud ND alum!


Melissa, a native of San Francisco, has been running hills ever since she can remember. She loves that running not only makes her physically stronger but also helps to clear her mind and find daily focus and equanimity. She joined SFRRC in 2019, finding an incredible community of kind, positive, and driven runners who support one another in all their goals. She hopes to emanate the same positivity and support to those around her! After a 10 year hiatus from races, she is excited to be marathon training again this year! Her favorite running routes are along Crissy Field and through Golden Gate Park, ideally ending at a local farmers market.


Elizabeth joined SFRRC in May 2016 after realizing that it’s more fun, more exciting and more efficient to run in our gorgeous city by the bay with running friends than alone. We are better together. 

Since then she’s run dozens of races from 10Ks to 15Ks to half marathons. Saturday early mornings are the highlight of her week … she finds incredible fulfillment in the camaraderie of SFRRC… being surrounded by so much positive energy, friendly people, and an inclusive community that welcomes all runners, no matter how fast or slow, experienced or inexperienced, competitive or non competitive. Please come join us at SFRRC! The people, community and club are the welcoming, fun and friendly!


Milo is a Bay Area native and a SF Lowell High School graduate but lived much of his life in other places including the East Coast, Southern California, and Japan. Milo ran three marathons over ten years ago and then “retired” to casual jogging with his “world’s fastest Golden-doodle” Ruby. That was until Alisa (also on this page) told him he needed to check out SFRRC. Since joining the group in November 2018, Milo has now run two more marathons and dropped his PR by 40 minutes attributing all of his newfound success to the great coaching, community support, and the general positive esprit de corps of the club. He’s now aspiring to qualify for Boston (something he would never have dreamt of a year ago) and excited to keep learning about running from the amazing group of generous and supportive club members he sees every week.


Honey-Lou ran with her high school track and field team. She is an East coast girl that ended up in San Francisco in 2009 after getting married. She joined San Francisco Road Runners Club in 2019 after a friend motivated her to participate in a Saturday club run. Honey-Lou, says, “I’ve found a happy place instantly in the club that day.  It was amazing to receive so much support and encouragement from people I barely knew.” Honey-Lou’s passion for running helps keep up with her three kids. The older her kids get, the more she runs. Her extrovert nature also doesn’t hurt when socializing with members of the group.  Aside from running, Honey-Lou enjoys learning jiu jitsu, traveling in her RV, and homeschooling her children.

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