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It is the Board's honor and privilege to serve our members. Our intention is to support and inspire our members, as well as the SF and Bay Area running communities.

If you have any suggestions to make SFRRC or the running community better, please reach out to us.

Together we're better. Thank you!

Kate Imboden | Co-President

Originally from Massachusetts, Kate moved to San Francisco in 2016 after a few brief stints in upstate NY and Connecticut. Kate started running around the age of 12 after finding out that the track and cross country teams didn't have tryouts. This non-competitive kid fell in love with the sport and has been running since. 

Kate runs for fun, adventure, and to hang with the most supportive SFRRC running community. You'll mostly find Kate at Saturday Long Runs and Trail Sundays, training for marathons or trail ultras so she can maximize her time in nature - rain or shine. Although she is not a fan of speed workouts, having great company at Track Tuesdays makes it actually... enjoyable!? She coordinates our club Strava Art Runs, because running should be fun!



Stephanie Wei | Co-President

While a self-proclaimed fitness fanatic, Stephanie didn't really pick up running until 2020 when she and her partner, Bracken, needed something to get them outside of the house during COVID. As they started running more often, they came across SFRRC online and attended one of the kick-off events in 2021. And as they say, the rest is history! Stephanie (and Bracken too) loves everything about the club, including the people and the incredibly inclusive environment. It also introduced her to her newfound love - trail running! Now an avid trail runner, Stephanie crossed off some big goals from her list in 2022 - running her first 50k, 50-miler, and 100-miler! She credits the club for inspiring her to run those races as well as keeping her accountable in her training.

The number one thing Stephanie loves about SFRRC is its community. She's made so many friendships through the club, and is continuously inspired by its members of all different experiences and backgrounds. She is looking forward to many more runs, races, and events with SFRRC!

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Mike Creasy | Secretary

Mike joined SFRRC in 2019 when he moved from the East Coast. Mike has been running since 2001 when he met his now wife who rightly noted that he enjoyed eating and drinking more than staying fit! The rest is history as Mike has run 20 marathons in a number of countries. Mike credits the Club's supportive members and strong training programs for a PR at age 53. You can find Mike on the Saturday Club runs and Tuesday track.  


Tony Riley | Treasurer

Tony started to run in 2013. Back then, he was 70 pounds heavier and his idea of a long run was 1 mile. A 5K was out of the question back then. Tony joined SFRRC in 2014. There are several reasons why Tony loves running. Running is an honest pursuit – apparently the Strava numbers don’t lie, although sometimes I wish they would. The best part of SFRRC in Tony’s opinion is the social and community aspect. He has made a lot of good friends and has learned a lot. You can always run by yourself but running with a like-minded group of people is much more fun! And then there’s Pizza Tuesdays…I mean Tuesday Track, which occasionally gets a little rambunctious. Tony is originally from London, England.



Jean Brinker | Co-Director of Membership

Jean joined SFRRC in January 2022. She appreciates the camaraderie and motivation of the Club and learning new routes across the City.

Jean grew up playing soccer and tennis, and started running longer distances after she graduated from Tulane and moved to Washington, DC. Her first marathon was the Marine Corps Marathon. Now she has done 14 marathons and a 50k. She hopes to run Boston one day so that she is no longer the black sheep of her family (of runners)! 



Mira Olson | Co-Director of Membership


Over the last several years, Mira participated in a dozen half marathons across the U.S. but didn't consider herself more than a casual runner until 2020, when she had hip surgery and was forced to give up running for nearly a year. It was during that period, as various PTs told her to give it up permanently and take up another sport, that Mira realized how much she loved running. Eventually she reached out to a specialist she knew from her yoga community -- SFRRC's yogi-in-residence, Jenny Maier! This in turn led Mira to join SFRRC, where she has made dear friends, learned to navigate in the Presidio, overcome elementary school trauma and developed a love for track workouts, honed her heckling skills, and laughed until her sides ached, all while growing stronger and faster. Thanks to SFRRC and Coach Jenny, in 2022 Mira completed her first full marathon -- something she wasn't sure she'd ever be able to do post-surgery -- and did so entirely pain free and in under 4:00. In 2023, she looks forward to chasing a BQ and continuing to sport SFRRC gear on runs throughout SF and across the globe.


Zack (Zee) Jenkins | Director of Social Media & Marketing

Zee has been a member of SFRRC since 2018, through various life and training cycles. He started running competitively in his youth in East Tennessee, to stay in shape for soccer season, but ultimately ended up running track and cross country at Pepperdine University. To date, Zee has completed 51 full-distance marathons (who knows how many halves), 3 ultramarathons, and 7 Ironmans. While all adventures are welcome Zee favors road running, and mostly frequents Saturday morning group runs. His favorite marathon is the Avenue of the Giants Marathon in Weott, CA, and he encourages all new-to-the-marathon runners to take training easy and steady, recommending races with well-run aid stations and favorable courses with crowd support.

Outside of sport, Zee is a startup junkie and brand marketer. He has two leash-trained cats and co-leads a monthly cats-on-leashes meetup group at parks around town. On a quick run, if you want to chat about tech growth strategy, Dolly Parton, marathon training, dog or cat health, travel or food… Zee’s your dude.


Milo Sprague | Director of Ambassadors

Milo is a Bay Area native and a SF Lowell High School graduate but lived much of his life in other places including the East Coast, Southern California, and Japan. Milo ran three marathons over ten years ago and then “retired” to casual jogging with his “world’s fastest Golden-doodle” Ruby. That was until Alisa (also on this page) told him he needed to check out SFRRC. Since joining the group in November 2018, Milo has now run two more marathons and dropped his PR by 40 minutes attributing all of his newfound success to the great coaching, community support, and the general positive esprit de corps of the club. He’s now aspiring to qualify for Boston (something he would never have dreamt of a year ago) and excited to keep learning about running from the amazing group of generous and supportive club members he sees every week.



Peter Wagner | Director of Apparel

Peter's been in San Francisco Since 2015. It's where he got back into running, signed up for his first half-marathon, and things grew from there. Running has since become a source of community, exploration, and personal challenge. When he's not logging miles, you can find him struggling up some routes at the climbing gym, bowling on his Thursday league, or cooking up something delicious. Mostly carbs. His current running goals are getting a sub 3:20 marathon, completing a 50k Ultra, and doing a race somewhere outside the US. All of it fuelled by SFRRC runs and training plans, of course! As Matt Jeung would say, "Let's Go!"


Perri Chastain-Howley | Director of Partnerships & Sponsorships

Perri moved to San Francisco after graduating from USC in 2018. She grew up playing sports (soccer, tennis, basketball) where running was a foundational aspect, and got into recreational running during the pandemic after signing up for her first ever race: The SF Marathon (First Half). Perri was exposed to SFRRC via Track Tuesdays at Kezar and instantly became enamored with the culture and kindness of the club’s community. She is now a frequent face at both Track Tuesdays and Saturday long runs. Count on her to suggest doing planks at the end of every run! When not working or running, you can find Perri on spontaneous adventures with friends, watching Dallas Mavericks basketball, or in line at Tartine hoping they haven’t sold out of their bread pudding. 



Patricia Roberts | Director of Volunteering

Patricia’s love of running started in high school and college when she jogged a lot mainly to stay fit and feel good. When the Louisiana native moved to the Bay Area 30+ years ago for a job opportunity, hiking the amazing area trails became her exercise go-to. In 2022, she joined college friends at the Zion 1/2 marathon and reconnected with running only to discover she couldn’t keep up with those friends. She joined SFRRC at track Tuesdays to get faster (to date, her mile PR has been set in the warmup at track Tuesday through GG park 🙂). She has been struck by how friendly and inclusive the club members are and is happy to be part of the active community.

Her current goal is to figure out how to keep running for life and to run races in beautiful new places. She loves volunteering too and hopes that you’ll join our volunteer activities supporting fellow runners, cleaning up the beautiful city where we run, and giving back to our community.


Didi Werneiwski Director of Running Operations

Didi began her running journey in high school, where she specialized in the 300m hurdles and long jump. Over the years, she moved on to longer distances, running her first half marathon right after graduating from college and her first marathon in 2016, during graduate school. Over the years, running has morphed from a hobby to an obsession. As a scientist, Didi loves to get into the details of exercise physiology to understand how the body responds to different kinds of training stimuli. She loves finding the right series of workouts to help runners meet their goals.

Didi joined SFRRC at a kick-off event in 2021 and immediately realized that, for her, this community is what running had been missing up until this point. She loves the feeling of connecting with others while pursuing the common goals of training (or while just goofing off!). The commitment we have to this sport, and to one another, makes SFRRC irreplaceable. Didi is also a Tuesday Track coach and the SFRRC cross-country team coordinator.


Diana Schultz Director of Events

Diana started running back in 2013 after going going through a bit of a tough time and craved a new hobby to take her mind elsewhere. She had just moved to Chicago and needed to get to know the city better. Street by street, she started to run more and more miles and before too long - she really started enjoying it. It makes her focus on what matters and gives her dedicated time for reflection. Most importantly though, it provides her with time to connect with great people.

After deciding to move to San Francisco in November 2017, she looked up running clubs and read great things about SFRRC. She moved and shortly thereafter attended SFRRC's Annual Kickoff Party. She joined on the spot back in January 2018 and has been a member ever since. 

Diana's advice for any new runner is that being a 'runner' comes easy for a select few, but for the rest of us - it's a process. Take your time and be patient with yourself. Do what feels right for you and your body and most importantly - be proud of your personal accomplishments along the way, no matter how small. 


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