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SFRRC Club Ambassadors

Our club ambassadors have established themselves as gracious advocates of our sport and club through their running knowledge (of races, training, and more), good spirit, generosity of time, and leadership. They are here to guide and encourage and help us all spread the love of the San Francisco Road Runners in this wonderful city of ours, and beyond, and invite others in to join us. 

What Our Ambassador Team Brings:

  • Comfort for new/perspective members or visiting runners that someone else is here as your advocate 
  • A bit of fun and good will for others
  • Presence at club events and marathons or runs around the world (Though EVERYONE, please consider bringing SFRRC clothing on your travels :)
  • A listening ear and insight into our sport, club, marathons and more
Every Saturday, our ambassador team keeps an eye out for our guests and potential/new members. They'll help you find the right pace group and feel at home in our warm & welcoming community. Additionally, we will announce our club ambassadors at the beginning of our monthly breakfast runs and others, so those joining us for the first time or new members will know who they can talk with or ask questions.

Oh yes! Thanks to our Club Ambassadors (with Alejandra as the point person) began our running movie nights in 2018 showing "Boston: The Documentary" and "The Spirit of the Marathon" and "The Spirit of the Marathon II: Rome." 
** Running movie nights return in 2019!

The ambassador team began in 2018 and we're excited to take it into its second year! We hope you'll come run with us soon!

Thanks to our Ambassadors, SFRRC is helping 
Sport Basement by leading their Wednesday Fun Run in the late-Spring and Summer at 6:30pm from their Presidio store! Come join, especially if you're looking for a very relaxed and fun mid-week run. We run through the Presidio trails, occasionally Lyon Street stairs or to Hopper's Hands and always have refreshments and other food/snacks at the end. During days when it's not light outside, you are welcome to join too. SFRRC is helping them lead these runs (with headlamps provided by Sports Basement), but on a little less formal basis. Come join us any Wednesday!


Shagun joined the San Francisco Road Runners Club in 2012, with the aim to train for and run her first marathon, which she did in 2013. She has since run three marathons and several half marathons, and plans to do many more. SFRRC has provided her the opportunity to train harder and smarter than she would have on her own, run longer than she would have ever imagined, and make friends that she would have never met. Shagun loves the camaraderie of SFRRC and running in our beautiful city of San Francisco.


Alejandra began running in 2012. Prior to that, she remembered watching the NYC Marathon and feeling frustrated because she thought she could never be a marathoner and doubted her abilities as a runner. However, Alejandra joined a NY running club and learned to train properly. Her confidence grew and she set a goal to run the 2014 NYC Marathon which she finished in 4:13:49. The next year she ran it again and lowered her time by 10 minutes. It was then she said "I am a runner." That confidence helped her complete 8 marathons, 1 ultra-marathon, and other races. She joined SFRRC in 2017, it was the same year when she reached her running dream of the Boston Marathon. It was in Chicago where she obtained a guarantee entry, “Being part of the SFRRC helped a lot to achieve this dream.” From being doubtful-to believing-to Boston. She hopes to share the same enthusiasm, love and spirit of running with others. We think of her as a natural born ambassador who loves to travel, connect people, encourage and, yes, run!!



Brandon fell in love with running as a kid on soccer fields and basketball courts. He ran track in middle school and high school and has exercised regularly since then. The camaraderie and coaching insights from the San Francisco Road Runner Club have helped Brandon to improve his running significantly the last couple of years.



After trying unsuccessfully to lose those “last 5 pounds” Michael reluctantly took up running. One mile in, he thought there was no way he could keep it up. Keep it up he did and he trained for his first half marathon on a treadmill. Realizing there had to be a better way, he succumbed to friends’ prodding and tried out SFRRC at the January 2011 kickoff. He’s been hooked ever since! Many half marathons and some marathons later, Michael looks forward to Saturday morning runs and Tuesday track sessions. The support and camaraderie is invaluable and all the friendships are priceless.


From early childhood, Kirsten cheered her dad on during his marathons and watched her mom call him crazy. The craziness was contagious and despite best efforts to become a soccer player, it lead Kirsten to pursue running in high school track and cross country. The addiction continued into college with cautious experimentation with half marathons, and eventually (and even more cautiously) running full marathons. Kirsten's favorite part of running is that is it naturally inclusive; anyone can use running for any purpose, which makes it the perfect sport to make connections with people you might never get the chance to meet. You don't need any fancy equipment (other than the sweet running shoes we all obsess over); running is just about what your body can do. SFRRC embodies this inclusivity and diversity, and helps introduce the simplicity and joy of running to more athletes. Kirsten looks forward to continuing to pass on the crazy, and use running as an escape, the perfect balance of zen and power.



In 2013 Peter weighted 205 lbs. His neighbor suggested he take up running again. He said ok and went for a run. Half a mile later was out of breath and both knees and ankle hurt. It was painful, but he kept at it. A few months later, Tony ran his first half marathon in 2 hours and 7 minutes. He thought he was going to die and "never again" he told himself. Never came and went. Over the next three years Tony's weight dropped to 137 lbs (it's crept up a little since) and his half marathon time came down to 1:32. Tony now run 5 days a week and if it wasn't for work would run more. Tony says, if he can do it, especially from where he started, anyone can and hopes to be able to be able to help encourage (and mentor) fellow Road Runners. "Progress Not Perfection" is his motto.


Susan started running in 2010 after cheering people on for the Boston Marathon. She remembers her first run along the Charles River in Boston. It took a long time to complete, but she felt so happy afterwards and loved the running endorphins. Running became her habit and her way to release the work stress while living in Japan. In 2014, she ran Tokyo marathon in 5hr 58mins and wasn't able to walk for a week. Right after the race, Susan was interviewed by a running magazine, and felt so much achievement at that moment. In 2016, she ran the New York City Marathon, and dropped her time by well over an hour. After moving to San Francisco, she beginning training by herself, but the training became so difficult, especially for a long runs. She found SFRRC and loves training with her pace group and working on her speed at the track. In 2017 Susan got her next PR in Chicago and now starts to dream, maybe one day she can run Boston!


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